Friday, October 29, 2010

cknd / global winnipeg OTA DTV update

It looks like they've been approved to operate on channel 40 for digital ATSC by Industry Canada. If you have a digital TV and an antenna, I would expect them to be up and operational any day in the next month or so. I can't see them waiting for the snow to fall before they put it up now that they've finally got approval, so finally Winnipeg will have at least one HDTV channel available over the air. Ironically, Shaw, who just purchased Canwest Global, will be abandoning the Canwest Global (TD) building anyways for their head offices. It's slightly ironic because that's where the new channel 40 tower is going. It's odd to me that so many companies choose to keep their head offices in cities where the cost of doing business must certainly be higher, but Shaw started out in Alberta I guess so whatever. If MTS ever sells out or gets bought out, watch their head offices move too.

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