Thursday, September 30, 2010

Winnipeg Blue Bombers fined for criticizing refs

And it looks like one of the local newspapers is behind a drive to pay the fine.

First, there should be no fine. The CFL has very bad officiating. Players are clearly getting frustrated. Unless the funds from this fine are going towards hiring better officials, there should be no fine.

Second, The CFL risks alienating fans. The Bombers are already bleeding fans from the fact that they suck pretty bad this year, but even still, it'd be nice to not be screwed even more by bad refereeing. Then to be FINED for telling the truth? That the officiating sucks so bad it seems like they're actually rooting for a particular team?

Is there going to be an investigation into these refs? What sort of work is done to ensure they aren't being paid off or coerced by outside forces? There is certainly a lot of corruption in Quebec, and Montreal is from Quebec. A lot of mafia types have made their homes there as well. Is there a connection? I don't know. I'm not saying one way or another, I'm just pointing out that fact.. But it seems like a fine how do you do to kick the Bombers while they're down, then fine them on top of it. Very unsportsmanlike, CFL.

Not that I've personally watched a game since they went exclusive with TSN. Screw that shit. Needing cable to watch the grey cup.. nah.

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