Sunday, September 05, 2010

Winnipeg Movie Theatres and memorable movies I have seen at them

There have been a lot of movie theatres that have closed down in Winnipeg, most recently Garden City Shopping Centre, so I thought I'd make a list for my own future possibly alzheimers ridden self to accidentally google upon and have no idea what I'm talking about.

I was inspired for this by, a website I chanced upon a couple years back that lists a number of defunct movie theatres. So here goes. My list.

Capitol Theatre - Ernest goes to Camp?
Cineplex Odeon Kings - Forrest Gump
Convention Centre Cinema - I forget, but I know I went there.
Cineplex Odeon Drive-in (RIP) - Triple feature, had DaVinci code and something else.
Eaton Place 7 - Only one I remember is John Candy in the Great Outdoors
Garden City Cinema - Arachnophobia, original two Tim Burton Batman movies.
Garrick Cinemas - I know I saw Multiplicity there
Globe Cinema - don't remember
Grant Park Cinemas - I just saw Machete and Scott Pilgrim vs the world there. I love Grant Park. I'm gonna see Green Lantern 15 times there when it comes out next year.
Hyland Theatre - I know I went there once but I can't remember what I saw. It wasn't memorable I guess.
Metropolitan Theatre - Sadly, never went there.
Northstar Cinema - Always meant to go there and never did.
Park Theatre - Never went there during its original existence, but its still open and I've been there on occasion.
Polo Park Shopping Centre Theatre - Transformers the movie (The 80's cartoon! Fuck yeah!)
SilverCity St. Vital - too many to count. But I did walk out of Batman and Robin there.
Starland Theatre - never went there, but shame it got torn down. Always liked how it looked.
Kildonan Place theatre - I think I saw wall-e there.
Towne Cinema 8 - saw the trailer park boys movie there.

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