Monday, August 09, 2010

CBC is even more incompetent than I thought

The CBC, who have been whining about not having enough money for years, and who have not sufficiently answered my (and I know others) email questions about their switchover to digital here in Winnipeg, have finally revealed their latest gambit. Despite knowing for YEARS (at least 5 but surely more) that the digital switchover was coming, they apparently won't be ready on time in MAJOR CANADIAN MARKETS. Like Winnipeg. Until 2012. Two years away.

This is simply PATHETIC. In the USA, PBS were at the forefront of the digital conversion. Using it as a chance to reinvigorate public television. In England the BBC are continuously at the forefront of freeview and internet technology. But here in Canada, our public broadcaster can't be bothered to budget accordingly and fulfill their mandate.

Sure they found the money AWFUL QUICK for major markets like Toronto (having competition with American stations doesn't hurt) but here in Winnipeg, they're showing just how committed they are to Canadians who don't live in the golden horseshoe.

The CRTC must say NO, you are REQUIRED to have a digital signal in this area by the deadline or SHUT DOWN. There is no other option. Launch at 720P and share signal with SRC, I don't personally care, but fucking make it happen. There is no excuse for this level of incompetence. They have all the money in the world to throw at new digital channels like country canada or whatever the fuck that bullshit is called now.

Get your act together.


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The View from Seven said...

Word has it that the CBC is planning to replace their Starbuck TV tower. That could be complicating things for them. (Source:

I wonder if the other stations are holding back until the CRTC rules on Canwest's "lower power, lower tower" CKND-DT application. It could be a stalking horse: if Canwest gets the nod, then others can safely apply to run at 1 kW from the top of a high-rise as a cost-cutting measure.