Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Avatar Special Edition in 3D in Winnipeg

So if you read the Winnipeg Sun or the Winnipeg Free Press, you got a blurb telling you that Avatar is coming back to theatres. Now, obviously its not coming back to the Imax, because our Imax theatre is weird and not affiliated with anything or anybody and has to beg for table scraps, whatever, but its not coming to Silver City cinemas either. Polo Park and St Vital.. nope. Cineplex isn't brining it back. However, it IS coming to Grant Park cinemas, which I deduced after going to the website of empire cinemas. They're all owned by the same company, but trying to figure out whats playing where is kindof ridiculously cumbersome.

In any case, Grant Park is probably my favourite cinema in the city anyways, so I'll check it out. A friend of mine didn't get to see Avatar upon its first run and is looking forward to it so I'm glad its showing again in Winnipeg. I've seen it on DVD, Imax 3D, and RealD 3d, and its best seen in 3D.

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