Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So I got a cold. Well first, I went to KFC a few weeks ago and came home and had the worst stomach flu ever recorded in history. But I made it through that and now I'm merely mildly sick with a cold.

I realized however that my snot is pretty consistent. It's a great texture and not overly runny. I haven't done a taste test as I have grown out of that period of my life as of last year, but all the same, I assume its delicious and cures cancer too. This is quality Mucous. It is the Lorenzo's Oil of nasal discharges.

I know my cold is almost gone, but it was a cold that didn't impede my life too much, so to the cold virus I am infected with because of disgusting people in this universe who don't wash their hands, and lick them and sneeze on you and don't bathe, thanks for the best snot in the universe.

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