Monday, November 02, 2009

Gary's doin it.

So what has former Manitoba Premier Gary Doer been up to lately in his new job as Ambassador to the United States?

From The Canadian Press:

WASHINGTON - Canada has been named one of the most peaceful nations in the world for its support of UN peacekeeping missions, low levels of violent crime and political stability.

The Global Symposium of Peaceful Nations named Canada as the most peaceful country in the North and Central America and Caribbean region and put it eighth place worldwide on its global peace index.

Ambassador Gary Doer accepted the award at the symposium in Washington on Sunday.


Has the Global Symposium of lobby groups who like to hand out pretentious awards that make for good feel-good newspaper articles awarded us anything as well?

I bet this award wasn't even based on actual data. It's just something to try to shame other countries into not being complete assholes.

If this is peace, it's overrated.

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cherenkov said...

Hey, we deserve that award, unlike those war mongers over in Jamaica.