Saturday, November 21, 2009

All we are saying is give higher cable fees a chance

I have real trouble here understanding why we are in this mess that we are in. because both you and there and [garbled/unintelligible].. realise you need each other. some people have used the expression symbiotic relationship. Why is it so difficult for you to come together and negotiate something?"

Konrad von Finckenstein, chair of Canadas CRTC discussing his arbitration of the middle east peace process.. no wait, sorry, he was discussing American/Soviet 80's Nuclear disarmament.. no wait, sorry, he was discussing the Canadian Fee For Carriage Circus. Really.

Hey, Konrad, heres why you are in the mess that you are in. Because the CRTC is an inefective and useless governing body that does NOTHING for Canadians, does the exact OPPOSITE of what benefits the average Canadian in every sphere they influence.. be it cell phones (delaying and trying to shut down Wind mobile.. the canadian telephone companies don't need competition after all!), internet (who needs net neutrality when we have traffic shaping!), television (this fiasco, the lack of effort on behalf of our nations broadcasters to rollout ATSC) and caves to the almighty dollar and business interests like a cheap whore at every available opportunity. I can't think of one CRTC decision that has been made in my lifetime that has been sensible or logical.

The concept of Local Television in Canada is complete bullshit, we'd get more local news and Canadian content if our TV stations were made network affilliates of the American networks. But we have to have Canadian ownership rules for some reason that I cannot fathom, when our same government lambastes other governments for less stingy ownership policies.

It's time to Dissolve the CRTC. In a vat of acid surrounded by aligators if possible.

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