Thursday, November 19, 2009

The facts show otherwise

From the Vancouver Sun

Title of the story:
Canada is frequently criticized for having expensive, yet poor wireless options. The facts show otherwise

I disagree. Wow. Who wrote this, anyways?
Written By: Ken Engelhart, Financial Post
Huh. Well, okay, go on. Convince me, Ken Engelhart.
About 66% of Canadians have a cell phone and we are badly behind countries like Greece where 200% of the population have a cell phone. The foolishness of this measurement should be apparent already. 200% of a population does not exist. What these figures indicate is that there are two phone subscriptions for every man, woman and baby in Greece. In Canada, and in most advanced countries, most adults and teenagers have a cell phone. In Greece however and in many European countries, many people have one cell phone and several subscriptions.

This is really his argument. That 200% of a population cannot have a cell phone. My God. 100% of people have TWO cell phones in those countries then.

Because Europe is on the GSM system, people have multiple SIM cards that they put in and out of their phones, depending on where they are and what time of day it is, to get the best price or service. These multiple SIM cards are generally a sign that there is something wrong with the cell phone market in that country. They certainly are not a good measurement of the take-up of phone service in an economy.

oh? So what is, then? Multiple SIM cards are not a sign that there is something wrong with the cell phone market. Unless you're a provider who wants neverending profits.

The best measurement is minutes of use per capita.


A report by Merrill Lynch on Sept. 28 showed Canada to be the eighth best in the world using this metric. It is sometimes noted that the U.S. has a much higher level of usage than Canada and this is true. However, the point I am trying to make is that we are well ahead of Britain, France, Germany, Spain and most other countries in terms of the usage of wireless phone service.

Oh fucking really. Merrill Lynch. WHO THE FUCK IS MERRILL LYNCH. A report by Fox News showed Obama is the most racist president. HOLY FUCK is this a stupid article or what.
Do these profiteering criminals even realize how pathetic their lies are? Merrill Lynch, the same bunch of IDIOTS of SUBPRIME MORTGAGE CRISIS and MILLION DOLLAR BONUS fame.. They're a great fucking non-tainted non-biased source..Who the fuck is Ken Englehart anyways?

Ken Engelhart is Senior Vice-President, Regulatory, Rogers.

wait... what was that last thing..

Ken Engelhart is Senior Vice-President, Regulatory, Rogers.

can you speak up, I can't quite hear you...

Ken Engelhart is Senior Vice-President, Regulatory, Rogers.

Ah, I see.

To be fair, Rogers does provide a fairly good network and was intelligent enough to switch to GSM from the beginning (unlike those whores at Telus who are only now upgrading to 3G networks thanks to the olympics).. but COME ON. Nobody believes you. 500mb plans for data? GROW THE FUCK UP. Data plans should start at 5 GIGS for $20. and go $5 for every 5 GIGS. Jesus fucking christ. At least the bums on main street are upfront when they're asking for my money, not stealing it the way these worthless motherfuckers are.

For fuck sakes, we need to open up our media markets to someone other than our local inbred oligopolies.

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