Sunday, October 25, 2009

True Fans

So the Winnipeg Blue Bombers defeated the Montreal Alouettes the other day. The crowd was just over 20,000. The Bombers have been disappointing all year, but they've been steadily improving, so why aren't people going to the games?

I know why I'm not going to the games. I don't appreciate being insulted by head coaches. I don't appreciate being taken for granted. I don't like being called a fairweather fan (even if I personally am, it's just rude and counter productive). If the Bombers lose, c'est la vie, as long as I believe they had a good team and they played the best they could. That was not what I saw the first half of the season.

Just winning in the CFL doesn't make you a good team or worthy of being supported either. Theres only 7 teams. You could have the shittiest season and still make the playoffs. Did you deserve it? Probably not.

Most Bombers fans have written off the season already. I don't blame them. If they pull of a miracle and win the grey cup, fantastic. And yes, when the playoffs begin, its a new season and anything goes, but the Bombers have done nothing this season to endear themselves to me.

True fans are staying home and making a stand with their wallets. It's the only thing that the Bombers organization understands.

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