Tuesday, October 20, 2009


There is a little radio spot played locally on KICK FM -- and I think i've heard it on power 97 and CJOB at various points in time -- that seems like such an industry advertising stooge that its ridiculous. That they get CJOB and KICK FM to air this, possibly for free, is somewhat sad. How do we know its advertising?

Scott James is the name of the guy and the show is called cyberworld.ca. If he mentions Linux or Apple at all, its to deflect criticism of not doing so, and mentions the microsoft offering as a superior entity. He lately has turned to suggesting people do a "bing search" ... and that he uses his "zune" ... who the fuck uses bing or a zune? NOBODY FUCKING USES BING OR A ZUNE!!!!!! people say "do a google search" or "internet search engine" but nobody says "use a bing search" unless they're getting paid for it.

Almost all the little blurbs of information are selling something. An upgrade to the latest version of Windows, a Playstation 3, an X Box, a Zune HD.

I mean, i have no problem with the guy making money, but tell us what we're really listening to, don't try to gloss it up as a little news blurb.

Maybe he doesn't get a cut from microsoft, or sony, or whoevers new product he's shilling out lately is on todays show. I don't know. I only know that my first instinct is to suspect the show is astroturfing. The bing and zune thing doesn't help.

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