Sunday, October 18, 2009

Michael Dell is smarter than the average CEO

I Read this quote from Michael Dell with regards to virtualization technology potentially cutting into server sales:

“The first thing you have to remember is that any time a new technology comes along that’s good for customers, you get in the way of it at your own peril,”
This sort of philosophy explains why Dell is a market leader. If you're in the horse and buggy industry and the automobile comes out, you start selling automobiles. If you're in the book transcription business and the printing press is invented, you buy a fucking printing press. If you're in the media business and the internet takes down media walls, YOU DO NOT PUT UP NEW ONES. You do not block things by region. You do not limit what your customer can get. You do not try to set back the clock and put the genie back in the bottle by buying off politicians. It won't work, it won't solve the problem, and in fact creates new problems.

So bravo, Michael Dell. Plus their new servers and laptops are actually pretty nice. Although I'd like to see more trackpoint options on their devices. C'mon dell, put out a netbook with a trackpoint and I'll buy two.

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