Friday, February 01, 2008 and (vs is an American web site that sells one item a day. What pisses me off is that they don't ship to Canada. Heck, they don't ship to Alaska or Hawaii apparently either, but thats not the point. The point is, Woot, ship to fucking Canada now, I demand you start doing so. I don't care if shipping costs more! If I want something, then I want it! What sort of business doesn't sell things to people who are willing to pay for them? apparently, and too.

Well, Amazon will sell some stuff to Canada, but they have affiliate marchants, and none of them seem capable of shipping to Canada. What sort of world is this where a person with money to burn can't purchase what they want to purchase? I'll tell you what sort of world. A world that makes no sense.

I mean, I haven't yet been motivated to purchase anything from, but what if I did? How arrogant are they? I bet they're based in Texas. Fucking Texas. I watched no country for old men, and it has Tommy Lee Jones in it, and it takes place in Texas. What a piece of shit place. Almost as ugly as Mexico. It's like they're stuck in the 80's or something. Tommy Lee Jones. What a stupid ending. Fuck Fuck Amazon affiliates. Fuck Ebay too. I'm going to shop locally. Take that, greedy bitches.

This is what woot had for sale today. H&R block tax cut software on a 1GB flash drive. $25.00! what a ripoff. Heck, 1GB flash drives, you'd have to pay me to take a 1GB flash drive. I prefer the ones where you can stick an SD card in them, much more cost effective and you don't end up stuck with a useless flash drive, just a useless SD card. Heck, the first time I saw they had a fucking wizard snowglobe type dealy that you find at Spencer gifts. Maybe it had a dragon on it. Really, who buys that stuff? Must be why they were selling it on woot. I'd rather go to Liquidation World.

Oh yeah, sucks. Take a look at it. Consider that the US dollar and Canadian dollars are nearly the same, now compare any item sold on to Exactly. total ripoff. And they're the same fucking company! And they don't sell half as much crap on as they do on WHAT THE FUCK, JEFF BEZOS???? But what would you expect from a site named after women who saw off one of their breasts just to be good at archery.


Anonymous said...

lol you should be used to getting dissed like this if you live in Canada!

Unknown said...

Well buddy, you want to know why people won't ship to you bloody Canadians?? Because your useless Canadian govt makes it IMPOSSIBLE! There's a f*cking tax and duty for every thing. Anyone who tried doing business with Canada end up getting a ton of hate mail from ignorant Canucks like you who complain about the extra tax, the extra duty that they have to pay... as though it's our fault. Get a new government, or just f*cking move to Mexico already.

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

And I'm sure American's pay duty the other way as well, so the fuck what? Put up a warning for the ignorant "IF YOU'RE NOT FROM AMERICA YOU WILL PAY LOTS MORE" fine! Don't prevent me from not getting what I want. If you're selling some shit on the internet, sell it to everyone or not at all. If you don't want to sell to Nigeria, well fine I don't give a shit about Nigeria, but boo hoo some idiot whined to you about paying duty so now you're going to paint the whole country with the same brush. Kiss my ass.

Unknown said...

Ya, no kidding, wtf is that about?

One gripe I have is that amazon.CA charges almost "double" what amazon.COM charges !!!??? even though CDN/US dollar is the same.

But the biggest is that amazon.CA doesn't have "poot to offer", compared to all the stuff that amazon.COM offers.

Sure, Canadians are used to being ripped-off by our lying, cheating, criminal COMMUNIST(aka Conservative) Government up North hear.
BUT, for _____-sakes!, why don't those A_S_S-HOLES atleast offer the same stuff, as what's offered on amazon.COM ?!

Either way, this makes the whole amazon company pretty crappy to me.

This just proves that all governments are in bed will ALL corporprations to rip us off.
oh ya, so what's new ?