Friday, February 15, 2008

PartyPoker TV Ads

I totally hate those Party Poker ads for their poker online garbage. The ones that depict people of various ethnicities playing Poker around the world, and swearing in their language when they lose.

1) I don't want to play poker with Nigerian 419 scammers or some guy in Zimbabwe who lives in a mud hut whose electricity should theoretically be cutting in and out all the time.

2) I don't want to see a commercial showing people who ARE NOT ME winning my money in a poker game. How is that enticing me to use Party Poker's bullshit service?

3) Speak English.

4) The music they play in the background is some sort of indian/middle eastern music. Is supporting Party Poker supporting terrorism? The commercials background music implies that to me.

5) They think its clever, but its not, and they air the commercials over and over again. They must be making tons of money from idiots playing poker.

for those 5 reasons and many more I haven't thought of yet I will never use partypoker's service.

Here is the commercial. I warn you its very crappy.

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