Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cable music channels - The Nature channel

So I listened to the "Nature" music channel, on my Shaw Cable digital TV system, and some things, like the "rolling thunderstorm" and ocean sounds and such, are fine, but there are some things that really annoy me

This channel is found on Shaw digital cable channel #434 (at least here in Winnipeg, anyways), apparently programmed by "Galaxie Max Trax".. Which seems to be French, but who cares. Even if you don't have a shaw digital cable TV terminal, you can stream it live online if you use Shaw internet. The information is available at shaw's own website.

What really bugs me are "Nature" sounds that are so obviously fake and repetitious that nobody could possibly be fooled
by them. Like the same fake animal sounds over and over again screeching. Also its spooky sometimes.

Worse, is when they cover up their lame nature sounds with piano music (usually its the piano, have yet to encounter anything else. Theres probably some with guitar music).. If I'm listening to the nature channel, I want to hear nature, not freakin cheesy piano music.

Also, there was one nature thing that had crows caw'ing. I like nature, but who the fuck likes the sound of crows? It starts with little birds tweeting, then annoying fucking crows start caw'ing and annoying the hell out of me. That isn't relaxing to anybody. Except maybe other crows, and even I doubt that.

In conclusion, I like ocean sounds, and rain/thunderstorms. not fake animal whooping and crows and piano music.

I leave you today with this classic animated gif showing nature at its finest: (probably have to click to see the animation)

Oh yeah, also I hate walruses. Walruses suck. OOORK OORK. STFU WALRUS.


Kris said...

LOL. Awesome post. I'm not sure why its never occured to me to tell a walrus to shut the fuck up before. It needed to be said.

Anonymous said...

Great post, thanks! Totally agree with you about crows, what an AWFUL sound they make....hardly relaxing!

"STFU walrus" LMAO!!!