Friday, December 22, 2006

Rocky Balboa (Rocky VI)

I went to see Rocky Balboa, it wasn't bad. It was better than Rocky V, and on par with Rocky's II through IV. It had a sympathetic plot, and was reasonably entertaining.

The actual fight scene was rather a letdown. Just didn't get me into it like any of the previous Rocky movies. I was also dissapointed at the lack of Mr. T. I mean, c'mon how hard would it have been to throw a Mr. T cameo in there. And no Eye of the Tiger either.

So Rocky is old, Adrian is dead, and his kid is still a putz. Rocky want's to fight a little bit more, nothing big, but then opportunity knocks and he gets to fight the world champion who nobody likes in a glorified sparring match that turns serious as Rocky shows he still has heart.

If they make Rocky VII (Adrians Revenge) they should make sure Stallone is replaced by a CGI Rocky. It'd look slightly more realistic than what they came up with. I'm sorry but Sly's gotten a few too many facelifts and botox injections and his face is starting to fall apart like Michael Jacksons.

So, not a bad movie like Rocky V, but it could have stepped it up a notch if they really wanted to. All in all, a better end to the franchise than Rocky V. Still they should have called it Rocky VI - Rocky Balboa.

and for those who are never sure which Rocky movie is which, here you go:

Rocky - the first one. he loses.
Rocky II - the second one - he wins
Rocky III - Mr T and Hulk Hogan!
Rocky IV - Rocky defeats communism
Rocky V - Rocky fights some punk
Rocky VI - Rocky is old.

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