Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pittsburgh Penguins for sale, unless you're Canadian and want to move them north

I just came across news that Blackberry Billionaire Jim Balsillie has withdrawn his offer to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Apparently, the NHL wants the Penguins to stay where they are. They certainly don't want them moving to Canada. Of course, those Lawyers like Gary Bettman NHL Commisioner who have ruined the game had no problem with Canadian teams moving south to places like Phoenix, Arizona. They didn't even try to stop Hartford or Winnipeg or Quebec City's teams from moving.

Of course, this is probably fine for Gary and pals, if a team with talent like Pittsburgh moves, they want it to be to a nice US city, like Kansas City (where a current owner has an arena apparently) or of course, Houston.


And the thing is, Balsillie has even stated that if a new arena is built he'd keep the team in Pittsburgh. Thats more than any American did for Canadian teams like Winnipeg, or Quebec City.

The day Gary Bettman was made Commisioner of the NHL is the day hockey stopped being entertaining. Just like the NBA where he came from is not entertaining.

Gary Bettman runs the NHL the same way George W Bush runs Iraq. And he's been getting the same results for years.

Looks like it's more of the same ol' same old stuff from this gang of fools.

Whats amusing is the asking price for the Penguins only got that high because Canadians were interested. As nice as it'd be to have an NHL team back in Winnipeg, these jokers don't deserve any success such a move might bring them.

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