Thursday, December 07, 2006

Equal Marriage is still allowed in Canada. Sugar Twin marriage still illegal.

Well, Stephen Harper did what he said he'd do, have a free vote on the Gay marriage in Canada deal. Which is all most Canadians really wanted. Of course, those idiot NDP and Bloc Quebecois didn't allow their members to vote against the party line, and that gives the conservatives an excuse to revisit the issue one day in the future. Thanks, idiots. Did you really expect it to pass if you let people vote with their conscience? Honestly. I Personally don't care about the issue, though I live in a Conservative riding and my MP voted against Gay marriage (As is her right, she said she would, and she's entitled to her opinion just as gay people are entitled to theirs). Congratulations Gay people. Hopefully the conservatives don't turn things around just for fun and try to make divorce illegal for you guys.

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