Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Canadian Television

Today I came across a blog written by Denis McGrath, Who eloquently stated what the problems in Canadian Television are. I will sumarize them in point form.

- Canadian television companies re-air American network television shows and profit from them, and don't want to waste time producing anything themselves.

- The Canadian Cultural Elite doesn't want to create Canadian television shows that Canadians want to watch. Anything that has caught on has been accidental. The elite want to create shows that they themselves want to watch.

- The CRTC does not care about Canadian culture, neither do Canadians.

- Canadians wan't to watch Canadian television, but theres nothing to watch.

Canadians like watching Corner Gas. It's amusing, we relate to it even if we're not from Saskatchewan. It makes people laugh, The characters resonate with people, and thats great. Canadian's also like to watch Trailer Park Boys for similar reasons. I like both shows.

I also like Dragons Den. I'm not able to watch it all the time, but its a fun show and pairing it with Venture as it seems they did, was a splendidly clever move. I also like Doctor Who on CBC but that's technically a BBC co-production but who cares, its Doctor Who. Doctor Who is above such petty mundane things as cultural identity and Canadian Content. I also like Kenny vs Spenny, a very clever show concept, and amusing to watch as well -- but I never know when it's on so I don't watch it.

What would get me to watch TV more often? Well, if there was OTA digital broadcasting in Winnipeg, I'd be watching the CBC more than I am currently (Channel 6 has far too much ghosting.. I hate Analog transmission.. Just switch everything over to digital already!!!!)

These companies in Canada, Cable companies and satellite companies and terrestrial broadcasting channels, are in the business of reselling what American's get for free and sometimes throwing us a bone or two of Canadian content. Paying lip service to the people of this country whose corrupt politicians granted them their monopoly or broadcast rights in the first place. The rise of the internet is hopefully scaring them (OTA broadcasters anyways) enough that they hopefully invest in content people want to see.

Frankly I think every major City in Canada should have digital standard definition broadcasting as of tomorrow. High Definition, while interesting, not a deal breaker for me watching Canadian content. Heck Canadians watch Trailer Park Boys and its filmed with handheld cameras apparently.

the CRTC has gone far too long scratching the backs of monopolists and not helping to ensure Canadian Culture survives in the globally connected digital realm.

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