Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Shopping Fa La La La La La LA La sucks

Well today I finally went out christmas shopping. I hate christmas shopping, my immediate family has everything they really need that I want to buy them (I refuse to buy clothes as I have no sense of style or taste, or Jewelery or Cosmetics for the same reason)

I went to a couple "big box" stores like Futureshop, where I learned about Satellite radio. XM doesn't carry CBC but sirius does, all of them feature "commercial free" radio, but when it comes to making it a worthwhile present (like having radio stations playing music or news from european countries where my parents come from) then they both fail. Plus, you can't really carry it around with you. Theres no real value in satellite radio aside from if you drive into the country a lot. Or if you really really really like commercial free world music, or perhaps you like to listen to hockey or baseball games.

I went to CD Plus, where I saw the new Simpsons season 9 DVD. I haven't bought them since they came out with the season 6 homer head style DVD case which I REFUSE TO BUY. I don't care if I can mail in for the old style DVD case which is what I heard in a rumour somewhere, I wan't to buy it like that. I bought Back to the Future when it came out and I still haven't replaced the disc (though I want to) that was recalled for being full frame or something. I want it right the first time. Fox DVD (I presume its FOX as its a fox show) seems to have fixed it for the following seasons, but I cannot buy them until I buy season 6. You can see my dilema. So, I browsed around a bit and saw Kenny vs Spenny season 2 on dvd for $25. I was set to buy it at first, but for some reason the case made it appear that there was only two episodes on the dvd. Well, I like Kenny and to a lesser degree Spenny.. Just kidding Spenny stop googling yourself you putz. But I hate buying crappy DVD's. I'm a cheap Winnipeger and I demand value. Anyways I ended up going to Zellers and noticing that they have both season 1 AND 2 for $25 each. Plus I had a gift card for $20 off. Yet I couldn't bring myself to buy it just then. I don't know why. I'll have to eventually though as it's a great show and everyone should watch it. Plus I assume it won't run for 20 seasons like the Simpsons and that it'l be less of a hassle to get the complete set.

Anyways after that the mall started to close. At 9:30. Seriously, TOMORROW they're open til 11, but tonight, 9:30. Well I'm fucking busy tomorrow, Polo Park mall! Now I have to go to walmart or something thats open 24 hours rather than shop at the mall. Sigh. I really hate shopping at walmart too. It's just so welfare.

Speaking of welfare, I saw a grown man pick his nose for 10 minutes on the #11 bus today. Maybe longer, but I had to get off. Seriously, what did he think was up there, an alien nose implant? Yeesh.

And so I ended up finding two gifts. I'll end up buying, I dunno,those fake turtles "pecan clusters" or whatever. I hate real turtles cause they're all individually wrapped nowadays you can't buy the big box where you just grab them no, you have to waste time and unwrap each and every one. Fake turtles taste just as good anyways, so screw you turtle manufacturing company whoever you are. Nestle maybe. I dunno. Maybe throw in some cash. I'd feel bad if I didn't spend at least $30 per person, which I have yet to do. I'll probably get my dad $20 in Tim Hortons gift certificates, since he goes there anyways.

Anyways Merry Christmas!

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