Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm going to bitch about blogger. I switched to Blogger version 2 and it's what it is, but if I search my comicbook related blog at on googles blog search or bloggers blog search (which are the same thing) nothing happens since I upgraded to version 2. Yet this blog works fine. What is the deal? How will people find out how I feel about the latest comicbook starring Guy Gardner? Or The Legion of superheroes? I even sent an email to google and they have yet to email me back and thank me for notifying them of this. Plus some blogger version 2 pages seem to somehow crash Konqueror, my web browser of choice on Linux (I think its rendering engine is what safari for macOSX uses). Granted it's an older version and I could upgrade, but its still peculiar. I can always use firefox, which I do, but I just like konqueror better. Also I've found the google adwords interesting. If I'm ranting how much I hate the toronto maple leafs, theres a click on the adwords for the maple leafs! Google Adsense should be smart enough to know that people who hate the leafs don't want to buy leafs merchandise and look like the biggest tool on the planet. Honestly. Put some Habs merchandise there. Heck you can still buy Winnipeg Jets Jerseys and stuff on the internet (new too) even though it's been a decade since they moved closer to their favourite golf courses (Phoenix sucks) And thats it for my rant today.

PS: GOOGLE/BLOGGER EMPLOYEES. you're smart enough to solve stupid riddles, fix it so that my other blog propogates on the blog search engines like this one does damnit. Also heres a riddle for you. If X+2=4000, and a train is heading towards baltimore at 66 parsecs per hour, why aren't you fixing my damn blog yet?!?!? You have no time for riddles! Get off your damn ball chairs and fix it!

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