Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Salisbury House 75 cent tuesdays

The local restaurant chain here in Winnipeg, Salisbury house, is having 75 cent tuesdays all october and november in celebration of their 75th anniversary.. which is actually quite a remarkable achievement. So I've been eating there every tuesday the last few weeks, and I really can't wait til it's over as I'm going to gain weight at the pace I'm gulping down their burgers (they call them nips.. don't ask)

ah well ill have all of december to starve myself down to a respectable body mass.

Still, their promotion is working, I really do like their food and I just never really got into going there for some reason. Sure I've gone there on occasion but I never really put it at the top of my list of fast food restaurants to go to. Though it's not at the bottom, thats McDonald's. Can't even think of eating their food or I'll get flashbacks to when I got food poisoning eating there. I don't blame McDonald's more than I blame myself. Apparently they offer healthier food now.. meh. But this isn't a post about crappy McDonald's.. who used to have good tasting pizza, hotcakes that were edible, and reasonably tasty scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. This was back in the 80's. Is that still the case? Nope, not anymore. Now they've got cardboard tasting crap. No, this is a post about salisbury house, a local institution. I wonder why they never jumped on the drive-thru bandwagon. If you're not from Winnipeg and ever end up here, check out Salsbury house, theres one in the middle of the footbridge by the forks near st boniface. It's a nice view.

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