Monday, November 13, 2006

Climate Change, Kyoto, Winnipeg Transit, and Canada

I Am not an environmentalist. I don't care what conflicting scientists data says about climate change. I don't care what activists with Greenpeace or politicians from countries that aren't cold 7 months of the year. Guess what, we need energy to keep warm, to type on our blogs, to keep food on the table, and to operate our neon lights above our mini bars. Maybe you, mister and mrs Kyoto, eat bean paste and live off the grid. Maybe you live in a country thats blessed with beautiful weather and no hippies and live in mud huts and that's great. But I don't. I live in Winnipeg, The only city in the only province where the outcome of climate change really doesn't make much of a difference. Floods you say? We have a freakin dike built around the city to divert excess waters. Floods happen naturally anyways. No, I don't give a crap about climate change. The climate has changed frequently over the history of the earth and your chicken little scientists won't easily convince me to abandon any of my poor environmental habits.

Consider this,

Non Environmental - Drive your car, get somewhere quickly and warmly
Environmental - Take a bus, get their after half the day is done after waiting in the bitter cold for a bus to come cause you just missed it, plus theres snot nosed kids and gutter people coughing and sneezing and wiping their filthy germs on the rails, pissing themselves on the seats.

Yes, that is my sacrifice for the environment. Because I live in a city where you can't leave your car outside for any 4 hour period without some meth addict or underage troublemaker breaking your windows (thanks gutless socialist liberal laws) forcing you to pay at least a $200 deductible to replace them, I sold my car and take the bus. Yay.

Feh to Kyoto. Feh to David Suzuki who acts as if anyone who isn't screaming their heads off that the end is nigh is an idiot. Feh to Meth addicts who made it so the last time I got a cold cause I take the bus with disgusting disease ridden freaks, who are responsible for me taking the bus in the first place cause I hate replacing car windows, made it so that safeway can't freakin sell cough syrup when the pharmacist isn't there. The pharmacist doesn't watch for people anyways!!!!!! cause cough syrup is a major component of meth. Feh to people who are against euthenasia, as people who are so drug wasted are beyond redemption and should just be put to work in diamond mines up north or killed.

Should there be better laws on maintaining our environment? sure! But kyoto solves nothing. It's a tax on rich colder northern countries who use energy. Yes lets pay credits to some freakin island country who doesn't use energy cause they live in mudhuts.

Am I worried about polution in the earths oceans? Yes. How does kyoto stop this pollution? It doesn't. Am I worried about extinction of fishing stocks? Sure but Kyoto doesn't do anything about it. Passing law's against speeding doesn't stop speeding. If people think that the speed limit should be 70, they're going to go 70. Screw the speed limit (the other reason I stopped driving, god damn speeding/red light cameras.. anyone who destroys them is like Robin Hood in my books.. and anyone who thinks they stop speeding and save lives needs to be shot)

Yes I'm grumpy right now.

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