Monday, November 13, 2006

The CBC yet again

So I was listening to the CBC Radio this morning, all morning, cause I had nothing better to do. Every hour at the top of the hour they led the local news with a story about how for the Grey Cup festivities this year people who use the food bank will be given a special treat, dinner and tickets to watch the Grey Cup on the screen at the MTS Centre downtown. That's all nice and all, but who really cares? This is their lead story? Every hour on the hour people in Winnipeg gotta know that we're feeding poor people and treating them to a big screen presentation of the CFL game at a local arena? I don't get it. Why is this interesting? Why does the CBC have to do everything they can to make it seem like anyone cares about segments of society nobody cares about? That said, I'll say something nice about the CBC, they had some interesting shows this morning and Brent Butt from canadian TV series Corner Gas was there to promote some sort of book that I'm not going to read about Corner Gas.. and then Margaret Atwood was on as well, those were mildly interesting interviews, plus the fact that Brent Butt finally put to rest the rumour that CBC could have gotten Corner Gas (It was never offered to the CBC, it was only offered to CTV), because why offer something that has a chance of success to a television station that only wants to air uninteresting drama's (Aside from Doctor Who, the one good hour long show the CBC spent my tax dollars on)

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Anonymous said...

Today on Halifax's 6:00 news, we learned that the Salvation Army's donations are down and an interview with a Santa who will relate only stories of children who told him that mum has no money for milk and cookies, etc. Merry Christmas CBC.