Sunday, November 26, 2006


Yes, you corporate big shots, guardians of canadian culture, owners of half this countries distribution networks for all media. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU IN THE FACE.

Previous reader(s?) of my blog will note that I have referred to the movie "Death by Popcorn: The Tragedy of the Winnipeg Jets" in the past, pertaining to copyright and CTV (OWNED BY BELL GLOBAL MEDIA) and how this piece of Winnipeg history was salvaged by local artists when CTV and other such entertainment companies were throwing out all of this historical data into the BFI garbage bins.

As I don't read the Winnipeg Free Press (I truly refuse to buy another copy until they fire Lindor Reynolds and Gordon Sinclair Jr.) I missed this article about the final fate of "Death by Popcorn"

'To the BFI bin': local film will be destroyed
Sat Jul 8 2006
RANDALL KING - Winnipeg Free Press

IT looks as though L'Atelier national du Manitoba, the local collective responsible for the cheeky video Death by Popcorn: The Tragedy of the Winnipeg Jets, will destroy all copies of the work in response to CTV's hissy fit over its use of salvaged footage.

"(Death by Popcorn) will suffer the same fate as the hockey team it eulogized. It will be wiped from the face of the Earth, never to be seen again by anybody," vows collective member Matthew Rankin.

"It seems vaguely appropriate that a movie about an ephemeral hockey team made out of ephemeral video footage found in a dumpster should itself become an ephemeral work, doomed to the BFI bin."

Death by Popcorn screened without incident to sold-out crowds at Winnipeg's Cinematheque last year. But Rankin and collaborators Walter Forsberg and Mike Maryniuk have been compelled to pull the 60-minute video from From the Peg!, the festival of Winnipeg culture at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre, July 28-30.

At issue is the ownership of some of the video's raw material -- video news and promotional footage culled last year from thousands of discarded videocassettes L'Atelier saved from CKY's garbage bin.

"The issue is, they didn't receive written permission to use our material," Ken Peron, operations manager of CTV Winnipeg, told the Globe and Mail earlier this week. Rankin says L'Atelier received a "threatening letter" from CTV, demanding that they cease screening the project.

"Ken Peron did tell us we could keep showing the movie as long as the CKY excerpts were removed. But we've decided that it is better to simply let the film die rather than recut it according to corporate, rather than artistic, imperatives."
Yes, thanks to BELL GLOBAL MEDIA, FASCISTS AT THE SUBSIDIARY CTV, Canadian Culture is taking a step backwards! This obese and corrupt company wants to throw it away. They repackage and resell American television to us and throw us a bone like Corner Gas once in a while.
But should someone turn their garbage into art, they'll send the lawyers. What does Bell Global Media care about Winnipeg? What does Bell Global Media care about CANADA? NOTHING. They are PARASITES. They use the LIE of Canadian Culture and the CBC to ensure it remains so. They want to change the copyright laws to benefit American interests and have Canada remain a small player artistically forevermore.. because its in their best interests. You disgust me, CTV, Bell Global Media. Your lack of interest in this country should be made obvious to all who you profit off of. Your lack of interest in continuing Over the air broadcasts in major Canadian markets in favour of making yourselves a bell expressvu exclusive, well, maybe you as a company need to be broken up. Maybe THAT is in the best interests of Canadians. As I don't see keeping a company like yours together as beneficial as people who care about what they are doing preserving and promoting our Canadian Culture, while you as a company only have an interest in killing and profiting from the people of this country. FUCK YOU.

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Anonymous said...

OK, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for saying you wouldn't buy the Free Press until they fired Lindor Reynolds/Gordon Sinclair. Lindor Reynolds makes me so angry sometimes that I wish I could punch her in her smarmy, self-righteous, "won't someone think of the children", phony face! She's clueless upper-middle class, husband writes for the financial section on how to make more money, yet thinks that she can write about prostitutes in the West End. It makes me sick. She's getting all this glory off of other's misery. What do they get out of it? Not effin much!
Sorry, that rant's been stewing in my head for years!