Saturday, April 23, 2011

Election thoughts so far

Jack Layton is looking pretty Prime Ministerial right now.  Yes there's almost no chance short of a Liberal/NDP coalition, but he's coming across as very seasoned and personable and most importantly, he's getting Quebec on side. 

Stephen Harper is following his boring ass gameplan and it is sadly working on the easily led populace of Canada.  I don't particularly care if he wins or not, but I just dislike his campaign and it saddens me that such tactics work.  Its less a mark against him than on Canadians in general.

Michael Ignatieff ... is looking like John Kerry.  He's trying, but he's clearly out of his comfort zone.  Frankly I think he's a nice enough fellow, but he has no chance of being PM.  Unless you live in a riding with a strong Liberal candidate, I'd vote NDP.

Still lots of time to go though.  I hope to go through local campaign literature soon.  That's always a source of amusement. 

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