Thursday, April 28, 2011

Air heads

Dear gas stations. (Petro Canada, Canadian Tire, and various others)

It's nice of you to have air pumps. You don't really have to. However, if you are going to charge $1 for them, you may as well be charging $100 because I'm going elsewhere. $.25 cents, fine. But $1 for air? FOR AIR? Guess what, you lost yourself my sale of snacks and gas fill up because I went elsewhere.

Get your heads examined.

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Ben Century said...

The gas station I used to pump my tires at recently went from having free air to 50 cent air. It used to be more convenient to stop at the gas station than drag out my air compressor. Since I'm going to be paying for air, might as well pay for the electricity to run my air compressor. NOT IMPRESSED.

Nice blog BTW :)