Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winnipeg DTV update

cost for winnipeg stations to switch to DTV according to the CRTC

CKY-TV on channel 7 $442,338
CKND-TV channel 9 $442,338
CIIT-TV channel 35 $235,594
CBWT from channel 6 (VHF-LO) to UHF channel 27 $4,327,838
CBWFT from channel 3 (VHF-LO) to UHF channel 51 $3,226,194

It's oddly ironic that the government run stations have the highest cost for conversion. Yes they'd probably need a new UHF transmitter, and being run by the government they're not going to pick one up used. Still you'd think CBWT and CBWFT could share a transmitter in the meantime to get their signal up that much quicker. Or SOMETHING. How big of an audience does CBWFT really have. You know what I'd love though? if they had optional English subtitles on things. Seriously, it'd probably be a helpful learning aid. God knows I haven't spoken any French since graduating Grade 12.

CHMI channel 13 isn't listed, but I assume it would be in the half mil range for the conversion.

All of which makes me wonder, why aren't they flash cutting to digital right now? What is the benefit in staying with NTSC? Half a million dollars in the grand scheme of things when operating a station isn't as big of an investment as I thought they were in for.

I heard rumours Global Winnipeg might be flash cutting to digital soon, but if they were you'd think they would be advertising it somewhere. On their commercials, on their website... They aren't.

Theres a year and a half left until the deadline. I'm not saying I expect them to start broadcasting, but you'd think they'd have a plan in place and start getting word out as to their plans.

Pretty poor public communication. How odd that they are in the business of communication.

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