Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Conan Conundrum

I think its time I weigh in on the whole Tonight Show debacle happening at NBC.

I'm firmly on Conan's side. He has been screwed over for having a poor lead in (Jay Leno in prime time)

I blame baby boomers. Screwing over Generation X yet again.

Some people say Leno was forced out, but Leno had the tonight show for almost 17 years. Johnny Carson had it for 30, but Jay Leno is no Johnny Carson (And besides, he was guest hosting for at least 5 of those years). The show Leno had going was geared ONLY towards sedated baby boomers and the mentally challenged.. Nobody else could find that brand of humor palpable. Leno watered down the tonight show brand almost immediately after he stole it from David Letterman. Frankly, NBC negotiated with Leno and Conan to AVOID this scenario. They asked Jay if he'd be ready to retire by now, and he had to have agreed. It speaks to how big a douche Jay Leno is that he's even considering taking his old job back. Leno made his bed, and thats why the backlash is hitting him so hard. This is like built up karmic retribution for his past actions.

I remember Carson, I was a little kid but I remember him, I remember his show. Leno's tonight show was nothing compared to Carsons show. Conan, if allowed to build his audience, would have a much more engaging show similar to what Carson had, as opposed to the banal living death that was Jay Leno's tonight show.

Jeff Zucker perhaps has no choice with how in the toilet NBC is right now, he can't afford to wait it out I guess. But the right thing for the network is to keep Conan on the tonight show. Old people can't hold late night comedy hostage forever. Especially as they're finally dying off.

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