Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Olympic Torch

The Olympic Torch relay went through Winnipeg today. Festivities slowed down traffic by at least half an hour. Buses were delayed, no extra express buses were added as far as I can tell, the LCD signs made no sense, all in the name of celebrating the genetically gifted, or at least those who are one step ahead of the drug screening process.

Did everyday Manitobans carry the torch? Somehow I doubt it. I'm sure in my mind only "special" people were chosen. So why should everyday Manitobans care?

I will say that I can get into Winter Olympic sports more than I can Summer Olympic sports. But really, how much hockey do we need? I don't know. But we really don't need any more Olympic Cities. Although I bet Toronto won't stop trying.

I hated the Olympics already, and the relay justified my hatred.

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