Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Retarded Conclusions based on flawed poll questions

citynews.ca, a website out of Toronto (of course), has an article on Jim Balsillie conducting a poll asking Canadians whether they would support the Phoenix Coyotes moving to the Hamilton/Waterloo region of Ontario. Now, obviously, Canadians are going to say yes.

Now, the ridiculous thing here is that they try to spin 70% support from the prairies and western provinces as a knock against Winnipeg. I'm sorry, the question wasn't "Would you rather have an NHL team in Winnipeg or Hamilton". No, the question was, would you support the moving of Phoenix to Hamilton. Yes, most Canadians would. Would most Canadians prefer the romantic notion of the Coyotes going back home to Phoenix where they began as the Winnipeg Jets? I would say, yes, that's probably very likely. If it was a war between the two cities, I think support would go right down the middle, even in Winnipeg itself (The team is cursed, to be honest)

From the article:

Bettman, the commissioner of the NHL, had suggested that the team could return to Winnipeg.

But 70 per cent of people living out west want the team out east. And support runs deep across the country.

What! Nobody said they need for the team to be out east. They said they would support a team in Hamilton. Canadians want the team in Canada.

Of course, the strange thing is Quebec is against the idea, where only 54 per cent still support the bid. Whats up with that?

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