Monday, May 25, 2009

Groove FM Winnipeg

I hate Jazz music;

Izzy Asper lurved Jazz music, and he started Groove FM in Winnipeg so that he could listen to Jazz music all the time. Why he didn't buy an iPod or Mp3 player, I dunno, he died anyways. So now Groove FM is owned by the same people who own CJOB and Power 97.

They have Isaac Hayes, aka Chef from South Park before Scientologists put a stop to that, do the promo's. Now, thats all good, but he's dead, so that's a little bit spooky. But what can you do. Then again, if Power 97 had a promo commercial with Kurt Cobain, they'd probably run that all the time too, so there you go. Necessity is the mother of retention.

My junior high school band teacher loved Jazz music. I should have dropped that class. People who like Jazz music are sociopaths.

Maybe they should just shut down groove FM and make it CJOB FM. I might actually listen to CJOB if they did that. Then again, that station is basically infomercials and moose games and whiny winnipegers bitching about the NDP, yet voting for them anyways.

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