Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Laptop "Shot"/ Laptop pose

If you're reading articles or looking at advertisements of laptops, you'll notice a similarity in how the laptop is presented in the shot.

see a trend? This is the standard press shot laptop manufacturers release apparently. It tells you NOTHING except what the lid looks like. ooh you can somewhat see the keyboard but NOT REALLY. I suppose it shows that they really aren't trying to create something you'd want, so they feel the need to hide it. It's just a generic copy of the other netbooks/laptops out there anyways. Oh what kind of keyboard is it going to have? I DON'T KNOW!

Which is a beef of mine about netbooks, they're all missing something that would make them perfect. The 8.9" acer aspire one is probably the best value for the price (and the one I ended up buying) Though I do like the HP keyboard the most, but the HP either doens't have VGA, or it doesn't have SD slots. What the hell is wrong with them at HP?

Anyways, back to the issue, I despise the laptop shot. It is to laptops what the myspace pose is to fat girls.

so laptop people, think, do you really want to be like this person?

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