Monday, May 06, 2013

Who are the 1% ?

The current NDP are smug and arrogant.
They must be.  To raise the PST in Manitoba by 1% and attempting to avoid a referendum on it.  Not getting rid of school taxes on property tax bills at the same time or giving people some reason to think their tax dollars are being used correctly.  Doing this after Saskatchewan of all places lowered their PST by 1%.  Are they insane?  I know the conservative party in this province is ridiculous but to grant the next election to them on a silver platter?  What hubris, NDP!  What balls.
Are they so sure of their winning the next election that they feel it would be unsportsmanlike to not give the PCs a handicap?  Is Greg Selinger insane? 
They didn't even try to hide it likely they did in BC by bringing in the harmonized sales tax.

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