Saturday, May 25, 2013

My first and only post to Google Buzz.  Google is apparently going to be saving this to my Google Drive.  Thanks, Google.

Looks like Google Buzz is shutting down.

I'm still pissed off about Google Reader, but Google Buzz.. did anyone use it?

Hangouts looks to be promising.  But if they really want to get skype users, they need to create an actual downloadable program and not just let it exist as a web app.  Fork Ekiga or Jitsi, I don't care.  But make something that looks and operates like Skype.  It will drive Microsoft crazy.  Isn't that reason enough to do it?

Plus it would help popularize that Google Plus nonsense.

On the subject of Google, more people would buy Google ChromeOS laptops if you had at least a FEW apps that didn't require internet connectivity.  C'mon.  Throw some linux programs on there already.

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