Monday, May 20, 2013


I just realized I never wrote of my visit to IKEA that happened at one point.

So, went to IKEA.  They had actually invited me as a blogger to attend their pre-opening media event, but I was sick at the time and I couldn't go.  I mean to say, my journalistic integrity.. hahah.. would'nt.. heh.. wouldn't let me go.  Seriously though, it was nice of them to invite me.  I don't know how I got on that list.

 ABBA was playing on the radio just as I pulled into the parking lot.  Seriously.  Take a chance on me.  How IKEA pulled that off, I have no freakin idea.   Now that I think about it, both IKEA and ABBA might work as words to be found in a Sator square. Perhaps not.  Regardless, The lot was fairly full when I went, but it was still wintery.  Maybe it was February.  I don't even know now with this ridiculous weather.  Is it summer yet?

I had never gone to IKEA before in any city ever, so I had no idea what the big deal was.  I don't have ovaries so I guess I still don't, but it was a pretty decent store that doesn't sell electronics or power tools.

The End.

Just kidding, anyways, yeah.  Stepped in, interesting layout.  Theres a convenient child distraction zone to keep children from distracting you from shopping, which is wise.  They have free lockers at the front so you can put your shit in them at your own risk.  Still, it'd be nice if more stores offered such a thing.

I was able to get cell phone service throughout the store whenever I checked, so yay MTS on managing that. 

The store is designed in a way that you go through the land of living rooms, or the land of kitchens, and while in those variously themed areas, you can go through the drawers and write down the product number of something you want, so that later on you can grab it.  So if theres a spoon you like, while you're looking through the drawers of the ikea kitchens, you write it down and roll the dice on what it costs.   Or if you see a washer/dryer set you like, write that down, and then there you go.  Kind of like Consumers Distributing if they had let you wander through their warehouse instead of just looking through a catalogue.  Remember Consumers Distributing?  Yeah nobody does.

Prices are pretty good too.  Especially if you buy a whole kitchen you get some sort of discount.  I didn't look that closely into it as I don't currently need a new kitchen, but if you do, IKEA has a lot of them.

Anyways, once you go through the land of bedrooms to the land of toys and trinkets for kids, you come to the IKEA food zone.  I tried their meatballs, didn't care for them.  But I'm a fussy eater.  They have other stuff though.  I also had some garlic toast.. tasted like garlic toast.  That's always a plus.

After that it was to the main floor where they had actual stuff you could get, like pots and pans and all the various things on display in the upper level theme park. I bought a few little things I figured I'd need but probably didn't really.  They also have Swedish candies and other foods.  They're worth a taste.

Other stuff they have are things like LED light bulbs, lamps, candles, candle holders, more candles, different shaped candles, other candle holders, and candle holder shaped candles.

What else.  Oh yeah, tried their hot dogs and ice cream.  I think it was actually frozen yogurt, or frogurt.  Wasn't very hungry since I had the meatballs, but it was cheap so I figured I'd try it.  Not quite the same experience as a street vendor smokie, but not horrible either. 

In conclusion, IKEA exists in Winnipeg, I went there, and I found it to be a useful place to go to if you need to buy the things that IKEA sells.  They have a website, probably  Lets assume that's right.  Or maybe

8/10 will go there again.  It is a bit of a commute for me, being directly on the opposite side of the city.  But I wish them good luck.

If you forgot that IKEA exists in Winnipeg, well I can assure you, unless it was one of those buildings that only appears at high noon on the winter solstice, and I just happened to visit it.. or I'm confusing it with Santas Workshop... if none of those things are true, then yes it exists. I'm pretty sure. 

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