Sunday, May 05, 2013


I was listening to cbc radio and the show spark about online or technological subjects was talking about "racism" on OK Cupid.  One example was a black woman saying people were apologetic but not attracted to black women.  Those individuals were described as racist by the program host.  Is it really considered racist to not be attracted to the particular features of another ethnicity?  It apparently is in the minds of CBC personalities.  is it bigotry to not be attracted to someone who is overly muscular?  Big nosed?  Small breasted?  Listening to that discussion just annoyed the hell out of me.  Get over it.  People are generally attracted to those who are similar to themselves.  Its great for those who are less particular but its hardly racist.

It amused me because this is the same organization that said "anyone but Caucasian males" in a casting call for a children's show.  The cbc is having a difficult time, but as much as I try to defend them, they do and give voice to ridiculous things that give their opposition fuel to throw on the bonfire.  Brilliant.

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