Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Taz Stuart and the Dragonflies of Doom

I don't know how he's doing it with all the rain and standing water but this is the most mosquito free summer I've experienced in my lifetime.. aside from the summer I spent in the USA.

NHL returns, Bombers winning, No Mosquitos, nice week of hot weather.. I should check the lottery ticket in my pocket I'm on such a roll.

Then again, as soon as I publish this post tomorrow there will be billions of mosquitos out of nowhere just to prove me wrong.


One Man Committee said...

Judging by the mosquitoes that I encountered last night, I think that the free ride may be coming to an end. It sure was good while it lasted, though - I would have never guessed that we'd make it to July with mosquitoes being a non issue!

Christian Cassidy said...

Oh, I am sure they're coming ! I think natural law states that we're only allowed one biblical sized disaster at a time. As soon as the Souris' crest is complete they'll be on tap !

I do miss those dragonflies, though. They were around in ever diminishing numbers for years after the big release but I barely see any now.