Saturday, July 09, 2011


CJOB Reported the following headline this morning:

Cougar spotted in Transcona
How is that news?

At approximately 8:10 am, Saturday July 9, 2011 members of the public reported an unconfirmed sighting of a cougar within city limits in the area of Fermor Ave, east of Lagimodiere Blvd and West of Plessis St. The animal was observed by several people in the area and fled when it was spotted. It was last seen heading north east towards the Symington Yard rail yards.

Winnipeg Police were notified and attended. A search of the area failed to turn up any sign of the cougar. Members of the public are advised not approach the animal if it is spotted and to contact police at 986-6022.

Oh THAT kind of cougar.

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