Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Apparently I live in a tunnel

Because today is the first time I have heard of Casey Anthony and the circumstances around her and the death of her 2 year old daughter Caylee.

After hearing about peoples reactions to her acquittal on charges of murder today, I decided to take a glance into what this whole circus of tragedy was all about.

Apparently Casey Anthony had a daughter who was found dead in a swamp. Various things were Subpoenaed, such as google searches showing she was searching on how to use chloroform, and various circumstantial things that generally make it seem like she did it. However, in the end while most people generally have the opinion that she probably did it and got away with it, like OJ Simpson before her, we don't have proof and we don't know the real story.

What strikes me as odd in the whole tale is that Caylee is/was a young mother. Perhaps she wasn't fit to raise a child.. but she was able to apparently get away with murder (as it could appear).. why is murder the first option she thought of? If she didn't want to raise her child, why isn't adoption something she could have pursued?

I get the sense in the USA that everything is a case between two extremes. Everything is black and white. Left vs right. Communism or Capitalism. Abortion or raise your child. Everything is an either or scenario and sensible middle ground solutions seem to be drowned out in the chorus of righteous indignation. Maybe I'm being too judgmental or myopic in my views of America, but all the same, it is the sense I get. And I'm not going to claim that theres none of that in Canada too.

I don't like abortion, but I'm not anti-abortion. I just think it should be the absolute last option someone should choose when they've been properly educated on the alternatives. Education on unwanted pregnancies should be considerate towards the idea that surgery is not the ideal path to take. I mean morning after pills and such are fine with me, but after a certain point, obviously (to me anyways) people should make their decisions with all of the cards on the table good and "bad".

Why did she have the child only to supposedly kill it two years later? Was she simply a depraved sociopath, or is she really innocent and all the evidence that convinces most people was really just coincidental? Can we really analyze the mind of someone who would commit such an act and put it all down to ignorance? Could she have had other mental issues that pushed her to potentially commit such a horrendous act?

I just can't understand the idea of someone who would kill a two year old child. I suspect most people can't.

But I have learned.. google searches can be subpoenaed. Not that I ever plan to do anything illegal, but it does make a paranoid type such as myself consider running ones own webcrawler.

Man do my blog posts ever meander.

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