Friday, July 22, 2011

Android Apps

It's not perfect, but I like that Metro News has an Android app for downloading pdf's of their latest paper. I can read it on my tablet. I suppose theoretically I could read it on my phone too.. but that's unlikely.

It drives me crazy however that CBC and Winnipeg Transit and other government connected institutions are always quick to develop apps for and help hype up worthless garbage companies like Apple and Blackberry but neglect Google Android altogether. What's up with that?

Kudos to Metro News. Android is the best.

MTS better hurry up and offer some good Android phones. I'm getting annoyed. Nobody intelligent likes Blackberry's or Apple.

** UPDATE **

Actually that app does not appear to be made by Metro news, moreover, it appears it doesn't work for Canadian metro newspapers any longer, and that Metro News's Canadian division has shown no interest in coming up with an app that does the same on their own or supporting this third party app. It's unfortunate. They want you to use their official app, which requires a non stop internet connection to use. I like to read the news in the format they publish in, at my own leisure. Dead tree or PDF, I don't see why they're so picky.

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