Monday, May 14, 2007

They Got Over It

I've been a Fark user for a while now, and a few weeks back, did a web redesign. I personally found the redesign a bit jarring and unnecessary, but its their site, and what do I care. However, when one of their moderators, "Jeff", told paying members of that site to get over it, many swore off as a sellout (it may just be) and left. Meanwhile, is trying to take over ownership of user submissions, banning people for idle chatter it finds unsuitable, deleting posts of images of hot chicks, and generally turning into something acting like it was owned by Rupert Murdoch.

I was actually a paid member of Totalfark for all of one month (figured I'd try it before I decided I liked it or not) and while it was interesting, it wasn't worth $5 a month to me, especially after the site change. Doesn't really matter, Drew Curtis is rumoured to make around $600,000 a month from his site, which I find astounding if true. Plus he's selling a book, so good for him.

That brings me to, which I found out through subtle posts on It's a site where all of the dissafected former paying members of totalfark (and probably some others) created a (still work in progress) answer to I think it shows promise, considering it is only 3 weeks old. Hopefully they give some good competition. Unfortunately I'm user number 688, and not 666. Which will haunt me to the day I die. But, its my own fault for signing up too late. So, today is invite all of your enemies to day, and since everyone who reads my blog is probably an enemy of mine in some way or another, go for it.

How do you know if you are my enemy? Do you like the Toronto Maple Leafs? Do you hate me? Then you are my enemy, and you are obligated to sign up now.


Anonymous said...

Jeff was suspended, the copyright notice is the same as it always was, and I don't see anyone on bannination that I actually miss seeing on TF. Good luck with the misguided splinter group. Maybe Drew & Co. should redesign the site more often just to weed out the deluded and the sociopaths.

Unknown said...

I love
Some people want to imply that it's just the "deluded and the sociopaths" that are there. That is really not the case. Simply put, we are just a bunch of people who "got over it" and took our ball to play at a different playground. There is a community based moderation system that still is having the kinks worked out of it that is really quite nice.

I invite everyone to check it out and decide for themselves.

Anonymous said...

I joined it the other day, user 649, hah! take that reed! :P anyways, having read Fark since 2002, I can say that so far, 90% of the things I went to Fark for are now concentrated in industrial strength on

The other 10%? I go to 4chan for of course, I won't break rule #1 but I am sure those who care know which section.

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

Thanks for the comments. I never said I wasn't going to periodically post on fark. I browse slashdot and digg too. And I never implied "Jeff" wasn't dealt with, but there was a recent thread where people were posting pics that got removed, and the overall impression I have gotten is that there are some questionable actions going on over there still Jeff or no Jeff. Basically my blog post was to give friends and general google searchers looking for a replacement a hit to, being only two weeks old (correction, I thought it was older) I thought it couldn't hurt. Frankly I'm amazed someone felt my blog should be advertised. Disco Stu doesn't advertise, and neither do I. As for 8er's as they've come to identify themselves being deluded and sociopaths, well, that's what makes people interesting. Monocultures usually end up stagnant. Fark is headed down the Slashdot road and good for them but its not for me.

Anonymous said...

You'd think the first poster here feels that we took his ball and left. I fail to see why people can't patron both sites effectively if they wish. Like go there, don't like it, try, don't like that, the internet is filled with sites, try another.

Anonymous said...

I like banniNation because I'm free to express myself without the worry that some pillow-biting Nancy will ban me.

Some people prefer to live in a nice, safe, sheltered community like Fark, and that's fine. Some of us don't, and we found somewhere else.

The Internet has room for both sites so everyone's happy, right?

Unknown said...

I am at bannination, not as a protest, but because I like it.

And I'm a tad freaked out that this site knew who I was.

Unknown said...

Bannination devolved into a cabal-laden scrotum-like perversion attractive to a herd of pony-loving debutantes.