Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spider-Man 3

So I saw Spider-Man 3. It would have been a good movie if:

1) Less of Kirsten Dunst "singing"
2) Less of Tobey Maguire dancing
3) Less of Emo Peter Parker (seriously is that the toughest they could make him?)
4) No Venom.

No Venom you say? Exactly. I'm not saying the alien costume shouldn't have been left in the movie, but it was wasted. The costume did nothing for peter except make him angry. It didn't form into other clothes. It may have made him stronger, but it didn't have the same effect. Eddie Brock should have become venom after the credits rolled, as a cliffhanger for Spider-Man 4. Plus not having venom would have changed the whole final fight in the film, and even moreso, Venom was not used correctly. Clearly Sam Raimi didn't want to use Venom, as can be deduced how totally he disposed of the character. I mean, Venom said "I like being bad"... that's not the character! It misses the point. It really felt like they wanted to wrap things up completely, which was a shame.

The previews before the movie were quite horrible, including one for some chick whose brother dies and then she says to herself "I'm going to become a butch lesbian soccer player on the boys team to live up to him" What? What a stupid idea for a movie. I don't see anybody paying to see it. Fact:Girls are not on the same level as Guys when it comes to sports. Ridiculous.

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