Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Old Dutch Potato Chips Perfect Potato Chip

Watching that commercial takes me back, Old Dutch chips are the best. Back when they had the clear plastic bags and you could see the salt n vinegar or ketchuppy goodness all over the bag. The chips are still good, but I remember when they did the changeover to the silver bags I made an effort to grab the last bunch of old boxes I could because I knew, it wouldn't be the same again. That commercial sure brings back memories of eating chips at Grand Beach, or at home as a kid or visiting relatives houses and drinking bottles and bottles of Pic A' Pop cola. Life was good back then.

That said, Old Dutch came out with the most perfect salt n vinegar chip ever created. Old Dutch Rave XTRA Salt N Vinegar. Each chip is like an instant diabetic coma the way a good package of Salt N Vinegar chips should be. Like the way Hostess chips were before the evil tasteless bland company known as lays (frontman Jay Leno, obviously they're the worst chips ever) bought them out and changed everything over to their disgusting bland american flavouring (lack of basically).. Lay's barely even puts ketchup on their chips! It's pathetic! People who eat Lay's and like it, either through ignorance or actual brain damage, you disgust me.

What makes it worse is that 7-11 in Canada stopped Carying Old Dutch products for some reason, probably because they're nazi's in bed with the frito-lay company. 7-11, come clean, admit that you got paid off by the Lay's company to sell crap to people who prefer quality. And I couldn't find a bag or box of Old Dutch at Shoppers Drug Mart.. something is obviously not right in this world when you can't get a good bag of potato chips. And wal-mart's old dutch selection does not include Xtra salt n vinegar, so Wal-mart is dead to me.

So anyways, Back to the topic at hand. Old Dutch's Xtra Salt n' vinegar potato chips. Heres a picture:

I stole the pic from ebay, some guy is actually selling them on there, good for him. Their chips are perfection. From the bag itself: " "You know when you're eating a bag of chips and you hit that one perfect chip coated with so much flavour that your taste buds do a little happy dance? Well, every single Rave chip is just like that. Using the latest in taste technology combined with a little TLC, we cram extra flavour on every Rave chip — often twice as much as lesser chips — so you get more pleasure with every bite. Rave — for people who crave extra flavour."

Brilliant. Seriously, People should be picketing businesses that don't carry old dutch products. It's an insult to all us mid-western prairie folk who like good chips and in this global world of crappy food products should we allow corporations headquartered in retardsville new york dictate how we enter flavour country? No! Support your local good chip company. Just say no to Lay's. Unless they bring back hostess chips, which were actually good competition for old dutch.

Pringles aren't even on the freakin radar. I'm glad I grew up in Canada where we have the good chips.


Anonymous said...

That is exactly how I would have wrote it!! Bring back hostess or give us rave salt and vinegar once more!

Anonymous said...

I loved these chips. Please lead the campaign for their return.