Tuesday, January 09, 2007

CBC Radio Programming

Man, the CBC should just change their logo to a target, because they're just a wellspring for things for me to rant about.

You know those worldvision "donate money to feed the poor" commercials they have on weekends on some channels? That's what at least 30% of CBC Radio's weekly daytime programming is like. They don't solicit for donations, but its always freakin boring crap about people who are too depressing for words. Oh no little whatshisface had his legs eaten off by flies because of some sort of war... yawn.

You know what kind of programming I like to listen to on CBC Radio? I like Vinyl Cafe, that show is great. And you know what they follow it up with on sunday mornings? Wiretap. This bullshit show about fake garbage. Shit like Wiretap belongs at 2 in the morning, for people who think Art Bell is a bit out there. Then "Inside Track" A show about..I quote "the human side of sport" because the only thing more fun than not watching a sport, is listening to people talk about the human side of sports. ugh. After that, Writers and Company.. I mean, I like to read, and certainly a show like this is not a bad idea in itself, but putting it in that time slot.. kind of a waste.. Plus it goes on for an hour. Then Cross Country Checkup. which I like, even if I don't agree with anybody that calls in, I like that it gets me all riled up and angry enough to almost call but then I stop myself. "Yes Rex, I agree with the previous caller, all Zoo animals should be set free to live in the Canadian wilderness. Those poor penguins and elephants being kept in captivity when they should be running free in the boreal forest".. and then Rex Murphy inexplicably agrees with them for some reason. "uh-huh, I see what you're saying, very good point caller from Kitchener", after that it's essentially prime time TV viewing so they can throw whatever they want, I only listen to the radio during the day.

I wish they'd move that great O'Reilly show about marketing (I used to listen to it all the time on saturday mornings but then they moved it to a crappy time slot) to sunday afternoons between Vinyl Cafe and Cross Country Checkup. Vinyl Cafe gets me in a good mood then Cross Country Checkup makes me angry, they need stuff in between that keeps me in the good mood until Cross Country Checkup.. Not bullshit like wiretap that makes me turn off the radio and hit people. Some sort of topical Stand up Comedy type radio show would be nice too. Maybe political in nature.

I also think Go would be better suited to air right after DNTO. I did enjoy that repeat of Masterpieces of Disco episode of Go quite a lot. Heres a link to a torrent of that show I found. Highly amusing and curiously informative. Lister Sinclair, enjoy .. uhh.. wherever it is atheist disco fans end up when they die.

Ah delightful, Rick Mercer is back tonight. Followed by Little Mosque on the Prairie ,of which I have yet to pass my eternal judgement on, Will it be funny like King of Kensington, or not funny, like King of Kensington? Just kidding, King of Kensington was crap. That's a good tongue twister.. "King of Kensington was crap CBC comedy killed by Canadian disinterest" say that 50 times in a row. Yeah it's not true but whatever it should have been set in Winnipeg.

You know what else, the CBC should have more stuff on the web. What if I want to watch some old episodes of the friendly giant? Which I do want to watch cause that show rocked. Can't find anything on the website.

I'll have to rant against the other canadian television stations one of these days. But like I said, CBC is an easy target.

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