Monday, November 12, 2012

Insert Disk into drive Eh.

Remember when computers you buy would come with install disks/CD's/DVD's?  wasn't that nice? 

Now they put all of that on a hard drive partition.  Would it be so hard to put it on some sort of USB Key or SD Card?

I use Linux, and I generally download and install Linux from USB Keys nowadays.  But I can't believe Windows users don't get an option like that.  It's ridiculous

I recently bought a solid state drive for my main laptop drive (for extended battery life, and increased speed) and am using the ultrabay slot on my thinkpad for a 1TB drive for my home directory.  But the idea of transferring all of the Windows 7 install information to the SSD is such a hassle.  I don't even use Windows (except as a honeypot should anyone other than me start up my computer)

I also find the tininess of micro-SD cards somewhat annoying.  Compact Flash was a good sized format.  It's too bad it didn't stick around.


Rena G.D.E. said...

Curious what you think... With Windows 8 being so mobile focused do you think Microsoft is giving up the desktop market and allowing it to drift toward Linux?

Unknown said...

I have windows 8 on my ssd at the moment and it runs well. I use linux off my main drive and i also have a copy of backtrack that i use off my usb stick. that is when i first put in my ssd and it made extreme improvements to my performance

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

Rena G.D.E. I don't think so, I think Microsoft believes it will have it all. Tablets, phones, desktop, etc. They want a piece of every sale of software like Apple does with their App store. In reality, they might end up conceding the open desktop to Linux, but that is almost certainly not their intention.

Jaken Gardner: I know that you CAN copy Windows to an SSD or USB stick, and I most definitely will copy it (Since I paid for it after all), I'm just saying it'd be nice if they gave you a USB install key by default rather than requiring you to keep a partition of your hard drive dedicated at all times.