Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thinning the herd

There have been too many people taking the bus lately. 

Gas prices went down.  Get a car!!

I have a theory that at some point or another, every seat on every transit bus has been pissed or crapped on by a vagrant.

If we had a feces detector, we'd know for sure.

But my math seems solid.

Hopefully the bus ride tomorrow should be slightly less crowded after this post.


Anonymous said...

Maybe ride your bike? It's way more fun than the bus!

@YWGger said...

Never sit on a transit bus, far increases your risk of bringing bedbugs home with you.

Anonymous said...

I really wish that Transit buses had hard plastic seats with no fabric at all so you could see exactly what you're sitting on.

The "upholstery" offers no additional comfort whatsoever and just increases the odds of walking away with a bedbug on you.

(Oh, and where the hell are the bendy buses with extra room? They are so damn crowded these days that it's ridiculous.)