Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stupid Questions and Winnipeg Media

It drives me crazy how the local media continuously asks the same stupid questions over and over again to Winnipeg Jets players.

"How do you like the city?" "It's pretty okay, huh?" "Winnipeg is major league right?  You're cool with us, right?"

I swear it's always CJOB asking these questions, but if they didn't probably someone else would.. Maybe the Free Press.  Stop it.  Just stop it. They signed with Winnipeg, they clearly like what they see.  The first year is over.  They know what we have and what to expect.  Stop asking "Do you like us?  Do you really really like us?"  It's pathetic. 

Or nagging Evander Kane.  "So there's some rumours out there, you know, that you, you know, don't like Winnipeg and want to leave and think we suck and hate the local media for asking dumb questions?"  Kane: "I can neither confirm or deny those rumours, that's between my agent and the GM, but I don't hate anyone or anything and definitely would like to get my contract negotiations finished" "So you hate Winnipeg?"  "I never said that" "You heard it, folks, Evander Kane hates Winnipeg and me and my family and wants to be traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs, the team I follow.  I secretly hate the Jets.  Oh wait I said that out loud.. it was a joke.  hahahah.  bye!"

That exchange didn't exactly happen, I'm exaggerating for effect, but it feels like it did. Some of our local media need to either retire or do something not involving sports.

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Anonymous said...

Please, oh please, validate us again, 23-year old hockey player!