Thursday, September 13, 2012


I dislike Power 97 FM.  They play Nickelback AND Pearl Jam.  And tons of other shit I can't stand.  92 CITI FM at least doesn't play Nickelback.

Now, I've tried to listen to Power.  But Wheeler and his group of morning hosts BORED THE HELL OUT OF ME.  Tom and Joe might be old and tired, but they are an order of magnitude better than Wheeler and his group of sycophants.

It's a moot point, as I've been listening to TSN 1290 or podcasts instead of radio lately.  But it's very unlikely that I'll be listening to 92.1 in the mornings now.  And that's too bad, because it's equally unlikely that I'll listen to Shadoe or Howie in the evenings as Wheeler is such an annoying personality to me I'll avoid any station he's on like the plague. 

I'm guessing 92 is going to undergo a format change, and begin anew the same rot that destroyed it in the past.  Hopefully I'm wrong.

There are no winners in this, save perhaps Wheeler who gets to stick it to Power 97.   But even Power 97 wins in this because they get rid of Wheeler.  Joe is moving to 102 Clear FM, which .. is ... tolerable ... I guess.  Who is working at Bob?

What a horrible move. 

The only worse move 92 could have made was put perennially stoned sounding Ace Burpee on.

Also when the hell did Hot 103 become Virgin radio? Not that I care, I figured it'd happen sooner or later, but it happened and I didn't even notice.  That's good, I hate 103.  I wish Wheeler and company went there.

Note, I don't hate Wheeler personally, I have nothing against the guy, I just can't stand him doing a morning show.  I'm very grumpy and hateful in the morning and it doesn't do well to exacerbate that.  I remember BJ and Hal.. that was a decent morning show.  Tom and Joe was also a decent morning show.  Wheeler and herp and derp is not a decent morning show.  It's better than Beau and Tom were.  That's about the level they're at.

It's fascinating to watch this happen to Winnipeg radio.  The people making these decisions can't possibly be living in Winnipeg.


John Dobbin said...

The Bell takeover of Astral means two radio stations are for sale to avoid media concentration. Fab 94 and QX 104 are on the chopping block for sale to someone outside the biggies.

I agree about sports radio. I have listened to a lot instead of music in the morning.

I also listen to XM in the car.

@YWGger said...

Howard Mandshein on 92 has jumped the shark with that contrieved 'burnt out hippy' voice. Can't stand listening to him whatsoever.

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

YWGer: Honestly I think that's his normal voice. I like him, he's generally enthusiastic about the music even after all this time. I enjoy listening to him anyways. More than Wheeler, anyways.

John: Yeah good point on that, I didn't put two and two together. Fab 94 I could care less about, and I hate country. But should be interesting to see what happens.

Too bad they can't simply turn 94 into an FM version of TSN 1290,