Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cross country liberal checkup

Considering how badly the liberals fared in their last few elections, it's ridiculous how much time the CBC still gives them as if they were or are a valid option. 

The liberals actually think establishing a primary system in Canada just like the ones in the USA is a viable idea.  They think abolishing the monarchy is a pressing concern, which is interesting in contrast to the conservatives embracing the historical ties of Canada to the monarchy.  Though at least they voted down removing the monarchy as an actual policy. 

I dislike what Harper's conservatives are, but what's the point in having one coin and flipping it over ever 8 years?

The only good policy the liberals have is being for legal marijuana.  If you're against it because of how the Americans will react,  you're pathetic.

Still I hope the NDP and other parties continue to cannibalize Liberal support. 


John Dobbin said...

I heard one person recently say we only really need one party in Canada.

Guess that is the way we are going for each level of government.

I expect the Tories will be in Ottawa for a few decades unless we are still in recession in three years.

Anonymous said...

Geebus Snipes! Decades of Reformacons running the country in Alberta's best interests? I don't think so..

We will be in recession for a long time. We are not financially invincible as a nation and the biggest deficits Canada ever ran were under Tory govts.